Design –

personal logo no text black

I am my own worst client. You would be surprised how much work went into such a simple design. How do I represent myself in a logo?! The MaddPlaider logo was easy. The redesign for The Kilted Artist is easier than this (which I need to finish). So much has to be represented by a logo.

The best option? A simple, classy logo. It was the only option. The logo was actually inspired by the filler one that was in the WordPress template I used for That website has to represent a lot of things, not to mention being my main way of keeping people informed on my journey into missions.

My business card had to be equally versatile.


sh business card 1 front

Had to be simple, yet elegant. Having both form and function. Once again, not an easy task. I realized the best option would to base the design off of that of my blog.  After that it was simple.

The cursive is ChopinScript with the title being the font Anton (available on Google Fonts). I am finally to the point where I am satisfied with it. Now I just need to get some new business cards printed.