Fictional Company Logos

I previously posted some of my mood creature designs. I had been sitting on those for a while, with no real intention of posting the “final” product. Yet, I needed to post something creative. Something that isn’t “woe is me”. Granted that post ended up that way a little bit to be honest. Hey, I am going through a rough time and i am feeling very alone. There are reasons why i referred to this as “exile” in the beginning (however, my wifi is Kilted Refuge).

I actually stumbled across this in my blog drafts. I completely forgot that I created some some logos for fictional companies in my semi-abandoned novel idea Freelance Hero.

The concept is that heroes, villains, and vigilantes form companies or corporations. Their activities are government sanctioned and taxable, except for vigilantes who still work outside the law and create legitimate companies to cover and fund there activities.

The villains i wanted to feel high class or old money.

villainy ventures logo

Meanwhile, I wanted the main hero company to feel almost retail, in a cheese sort of way.

heroic endevors logo

And lastly, I wanted this vigilante company to feel almost like some sort of renegade hip young start up.

Vigilance Industries

I still need to create one for Freelance Hero, LLC. That is the main character. Each company also just as simple logo as well, as demonstrated in the Featured Image. I have not quite finished these designs yet, but they are close from what I remember

I remember these being a lot of fun to make. I hope to be able to make more designs for this, mood creatures, and other ideas after things in my life stabilize.