Mood Creatures: Four Designs

I would like to say that I have some new things to show, that I have started to create again, that the Kilted Artist is back in full swing. But truth be told, I have been sitting on these for a few months. I’m posting these because I really have nothing new. My creative endeavors are currently on hiatus until I can get a bit of stability in my life. I have almost lost the drive to do so.


But enough about that.

The Gloom Turtle

gloom turtle v2 gloomy candidate



The Introverted Spider Snail

hectagonal introvered spider snail

Bipolar Panda Squirrel

bi-polar pandasquirrel work in progress

Wallace the Schnauzer


No clever descriptions this time. A few changes need to be made, but they are looking good. Hopefully someday soon I will continue to work on them. Perhaps I will be able to make more. Maybe even one day make that children’s book. I’d like that. But for now, all of this is on hold. Things being the way they are, and recovering from the events of January, I feel very discouraged from creating, and yet deep down all I want to do is something creative.

I don’t know, I just don’t know. Too much ahead of me is uncertain.