Old Sketches

I find myself in a bit of a creative slump. This happens. I am trying to work on creature designs for a children’s book idea. I have finished 2 of them, have a couple in progress, and one or two in the pipeline. Yet I feel stuck. I feel as if I cannot progress any further than I have.

This is normal. As unfortunate as it is, this is normal for creative types. And I absolutely hate it. It is one things to be in a low point in life, and struggling just to make it. It gets worse when you start to struggle creatively. When one of your bigger strengths feels as if it is gone.

So what do I do? I try to clean up my mess. I am a very messy person after all. Cleaning up is not my forte. Making it, on the other hand, is.

In the process of cleaning up my room, i stumble across an old hard back, pseudo-leather sketchbook. It wasn’t lost per say, as I have done a couple of creature designs in it. But this is an older sketch book. Sometime in the middle of college I think. I found some old drawings that just caught my interest. I may try to clean them up in Illustrator, seeing how that is my weapon of choice when it comes to computer illustration.

I did come up with other ideas, but this right now is what catches my fancy.

Here are a few of the sketches: