Mood Creatures, Part 1

Sometimes I get into a mood or state of mind that words cannot effectively describe. Or you feel a way that has no verbal description. I get that way a lot. I just wish there was a way to express them to understand.

With all the changes going on for me, I had to do something. It is the clearest my mind has been, and as a result I feel a surge of creativity. Grabbed an old sketchbook, my scanner, and Bamboo tablet, Adobe Illustrator and got to work. These are the first results. More might come. It will be an ongoing project. This was a creative challenge. I had to take something internal and abstract and give it visual substance, which is always a challenge. This was inspired by a post on Bored Panda, which is way better than anything I could ever do.

Hopefully, I will be posting more creative posts soon. Way more fun that posting something personal. Though, in a way this is something personal.

The Awkward Platypus

awkward platypus

Cousin to the famed Duck-billed Platypus, the Awkward Platypus is an even stranger combination of things. In social gatherings, we wants to feel like he fits in belongs. Yet he lacks the correct color pattern to effectively blend in with the other species that may be present. He is comprised of parts that just don’t quite fit together, such as a duckbill and octopus-like tenticles. This strange assortment leads to it feeling uncomfortable around others and making others uncomfortable.

The Gloom Turtle

gloom turtle

This poor little guy has a steam vent on the back of his shell. As his mood worsens in a downward spiral towards depression, more steam comes out of his shell. As the steam quickly cools, a cloud forms overhead. The cloud¬†continues to grow and begins to rain. The turtles awareness of its surroundings decreases and its movement slows. Eventually, it will completely withdraw into it’s shell while a localized thunderstorm rages overhead.

Observer Cloud

observer cloud

The observer cloud is not actually a creature itself. Instead it is a unobtrusive floating fluff that can surround another creature such as a gloom turtle, awkward platypus, or excitable idea monkey. Due to it’s cloud like appearance, it is unobtrusive to the world around it allowing the occupant to observe it’s surrounded unnoticed. On occasion the occupant may try to interact with it’s environment, resulting in either a light breeze or a soft and distant roll of thunder that is easily unnoticed by anything else.