Vimeo Finds Double Feature: Eternal -GH4 Budapest & Paris Awakening

At long last, I present another Vimeo Finds. This time presenting a double feature. What do these have in common? Not what one might think. What they actually have in common is the camera they were both shot on. They were both shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH4, a camera I have rented for the wedding I shall be filming in Montreal in just under 2 weeks.

What I love about it: The cinematography. Some well crafted shots. Clean handheld movements. Amazing quality video for a M43 sensor.

What I didn’t like: The lack of establishing shots. The opening two shots are sun shining through leaves followed by a fire hydrant. This just sets the tone for the entire piece. It is all detail shots, a blonde gal from behind, or worms eye Granted, I understand that you can only do so much when you are in a place for a few days. But the filmmaker here just doesn’t show us anything other than some pretty shots. The is little visual context in which to place these images in.

Conclusion: My opinion on this should be taken with a grain of salt or entirely disregarded. This is a beautiful piece with passible editing and some nice camera shots. Any opinion expressed on my part is simply that. Some great shots, but we don’t see much of the actual city. I tip my hat to the individual who made this and wish to be one day just as good.

What I love about it: This right here has the sort of shots i only wish i could have gotten in Paris. Seriously. Its great. I wish i could shoot half as good. Makes anything I shot look like child’s play. Excellent framing. Excellent establishing shots. Right away you know this is Paris from both the street level and the landscape shots. Its the most empty I have seen Paris. It captures that early morning in and above the city of Paris. And despite it looking empty, you still see signs of life as some people either photograph the Eiffel Tower or just go about their morning business. Some great static wide and slider shots. capturing a fe of the smaller details in the upper portions of the Eiffel Tower.

What I didn’t like: The fact that I can’t film as well. It is morning, so you don’t see a lot of life on the street. Paris is a great city for people watching, but this isn’t what the filmmaker was going for.

Conclusion: A well crafted piece showing Paris as the sun begins to rise. Makes me miss being in Paris and wishing I could shoot as well.

Final Thoughts:

My roommate had some rather interesting insights. It is a rather interesting juxtaposition of the two pieces.  The one is handheld. A lot shot but little actual seen. The other some nice well planned static and moving shots letting the shot breath. What would be interesting is if both had a nice balance of the two. For people who have never and may never travel to these places, the more you show the better. Show the buildings and details, but show the people and culture as well.

Some of my own work may not be as beautiful, and I will be the first to admit that this makes anything I have done look rather pathetic, but I just want more of what it is like to be in the city instead of just looking at old buildings. I can see old buildings in pictures, why do i need video? Show me life, show me culture, show me what it is like to be here.

In the end, these are both well shot and cast a good expectation of the GH4 i rented from Borrowed Lenses for my short trip. I am excited to be pairing this camera with my BMPCC, which at 1080 puts out an amazing image if you know how to work with it. Look for more posts concerning this in the coming weeks. It was also pointed out the true difference between these and my own travel vlogs (only thing i have to compare, sorry) is the equipment. Good glass can make all the difference when filming. Better equipment is something I can only lucky to dream about considering certain circumstances.

PS – All i have is my own work to compare these videos due to similar locations. Sadly, I don’t have access to some of the newer things i shot professionally due to unfortunate events