Vimeo Finds: Watchtower of Turkey

Today is just another lazy day in waiting. Today is another day of restlessness. Today is another day I pray I won’t wast away. I feel worn out. I am waiting to hear a decision on something that may or may not happen. And I have been out of the filmmaking game for a little while and I ask myself if I still have what it takes to make good art, or if I am just a washed up wannabe. So I find myself back on Vimeo looking for inspiration. This is what i found:

It is a beautiful, well crafted, moving piece. Watching it gives me a sense of awe. At first glance, it looks like something I could never dream to accomplish. I am lucky to dream that I will ever be that talented or skilled as an artist.

Then I watched it again.

I applied what I had learned in some of my classes from back in college. I remembered the exercises where we broke a film down and analyzed it shot by shot. This only made it even more beautiful. The simplicity of the shots he took. The song he used. The editing that matched. And I now know why I find it so beautify.

Its tone. It is all tonal.

That is my editing style, and this is an exquisite example of that. It is not just random clips set to music like most montage travel videos. This has a soul. It has life. He captured no only the sights, but the people. He captured not just the people, but the culture. He captured not just the culture, but how it made him feel. And that, my friends, is what he is able to show us.

That is all speculation of course. I can only base it off what I would do. But it makes sense none the less. It is a beautiful thing.

I pray I can make something of such beauty again, and soon.