Vimeo Finds – Paris Through Pentax

One of the great European cities I had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in during my travels was Paris. It is a grand cite. One of the greats. I do recommend it (despite my preference to Brussels Belgium). I spend a total of 6 weeks there during my missionary journey with the Assemblies of God World Mission.

Why do I like this video?

It is a unique perspective. All travel videos are from the perspective of the person behind the camera. For example, i try to show the people who live and visit in the city (including my own aunt and uncle who live in Paris).

In this case, the person is showing his companions through the perspective of a legendary Pentax medium format camera. It is an interesting take.

I do have issues with most travel videos and i might have stated before. I did a monthly video when I was overseas to show the world i was interacting with. Most people’s are “look at this interesting thing”. If they show any story, it is just of there companion(s) and not life in the city. But then again, I don’t take the normal tourist way of doing things. I prefer to blend in with the city. It really helps that i have a very European look. Most people tried talking to me in the local language thinking I was from there. But once again, this is simply my opinion and how i work. This still looks better than anything i ever made during my travels.

Excuse me while i step off my soap box.

Anyway, this is still a beautiful piece. It has a quality i hope to one day match. I still have a lot to learn with much needed improvement in my own work.