Vimeo Finds: Enter Pyongyang

And we’re back with this week’s installment of Vimeo Finds. I am a sucker for good time lapse videos. It isn’t something i am terribly good at, but none the less I do love them.

This one however is also a travel video. I am usually a bit critical of travel videos people do. Mine are no masterpiece by any means. But at there very least I try to establish life in the location I am at. Most just show off the interesting things they saw and the people they were with with no environmental context (i’ve done that as well).

This one is different. The filmmaker does a great job of showing the audience the flow and movement of life in the city with in the context of the environment. You see the city, you see the people, you see a bit of the life. Or at the very least, we see as much as the government allows to be seen. Very few are allowed to visit Pyongyang, even N Korean citizens. This video is a interesting glimpse into one of the most secretive and closed of countries in the world (just look at recent events, the leader hasn’t been in the public eye for over a month and rumors are spreading)

It is a well done and well executed piece. My biggest complaint is that I want more. I want to see more and i want to see more of the people going about their daily lives.